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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Michael M. James Duff. With little time to adjust, MCD must reach a plea bargain after a death during a rash of grocery store robberies. Detective Amy Sykes joins Major Crimes after helping with the case. Raydor mentions to Taylor that part of the internal problems at MCD is her rank, noting that she barely outranks Provenza. Taylor tells her that there is a freeze on all positions. The unit works to solve a brutal complicated homicide case.

Michael Alaimo. The facts become blurry in a case involving a fatal car crash at a nightclub. Meanwhile, Rusty is forced to face a harsh reality when Raydor fulfills her promise to track down his mother. A life strategist is enlisted to help MCD along with the FBI to solve a case having to do with the Israeli mob that could lead to trouble for major crimes.

Provenza displays rare emotion with a suspect who is in a vulnerable state. Rusty has a bad day at school. A DNA test reveals something about Rusty that surprises everybody. After a gang shooting turns fatal, Sharon Raydor makes an unexpected move that could end her career and harm a team member. Rusty expresses a lack of interest in meeting his biological father. MCD tries to close a case with political ties, but confidential information keeps getting leaked. Captain Raydor's decision to be temporary guardian of Rusty gets more complicated as children and family services finds out some information that may cause Rusty to be removed from her home.

Tao has to question his actions due to a murder conviction being overturned eight years later. Rusty meets his father and must learn to control his emotions as he spends some time with him. The team investigates the murder of a Las Vegas police officer, found dead in a men's room stall. Captain Raydor's fears about the irresponsibility of Rusty's father are realized. When an important figure is shot, similarities to other cases lead MCD to cede the case to the FBI, but the team has to race against the killer to save a witness.

Dealings with Rusty's father are resolved in an unusual manner. After a director's wife is found murdered in her home's swimming pool, the team investigates the director's pattern of adultery.

Reward Yourself

DA Rios puts Rusty on edge as she grills him in preparation for the Stroh trial. Major Crimes investigates a puzzling murder-suicide. Meanwhile, Rusty receives a threatening letter, triggering DA Rios's demand that he be relocated.

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A TV writer, consulting with Tao, follows the team as they investigate a man Luis Jose Lopez , caught in a high-speed pursuit, with dried blood all over his clothes. After Rusty's told to redo an essay, Sharon makes sure he writes what's true to himself. Flynn and Provenza drop off a witness at his hotel room, only to return and find him charged with murder; the team must scramble to prove his innocence.

Curveball (Winning Season, #9) by Rich Wallace

Rusty's friend proves to be a little different from what Sharon and others expected. The team investigates a shooting homicide on Mulholland Drive. Sharon's husband Jack surprises her and Rusty in the apartment. Anthony Hemingway. The team looks for a transgender girl, gone missing soon after a humiliating video of her was posted online by bullies. Fourth Ward Athletic's 5 uses the slide step delivery. He was one of the several pitchers used on the day to try and keep order to the game. The Expos and Padres would split on the day and remain tied for second place at with four games remaining on the schedule.

In a game that seen the Padres come back multiple times from behind. Lyon Mountain Miners Nick Drollitte 5 shuts down the early offense for the Miners in game 2 that seen them take the early lead. Before the Padres would come to life late and complete the sweep with a win. The Fourth Ward Timberjaxxs short stop ranges deep in the whole to come up with the ground and make for a very close over at first base.

Unfortunately the Timberjaxxs would come up short on the weekend as they surrounded two games to the Padres.

KC Photo and Video

Hockey Plus Padres' Chris Markwicka 7 connects on pitch and drives it over the wall for what was thought be a home run at the time. On a pitch, Iannetta sent a ball down the left field line that just caught the chalk. It was a fair ball and a double, by about an inch. Verlander twirled around in disappointment after watching the ball meet the foul line.

After a thunderous ovation from the home crowd, he gathered himself and got his ninth K before recording the last two outs for a one-hitter. At this point in , Verlander and Jered Weaver of the Angels were rivals for title of best starting pitcher in the American League. But this afternoon in Detroit, JV served notice that he was greater with an incredible performance against Weaver and the Halos. He won the game to run his record to as July came to a close. But the game featured other thrills, as in when Weaver buzzed two Tiger batters and jawed with the Tiger bench. In the seventh, with Detroit ahead , Carlos Guillen got some revenge against Weaver when he launched a deep homer to right field to make the score But it was what Guillen did after he hit that homer that was sweet and unusual. Normally a quiet guy, Guillen dropped his bat and enjoyed the home run, staring out at Weaver before starting his trot to first.

Guillen was getting a measure of revenge for when Weaver had thrown a pitch at Victor Martinez. Weaver erupted after the homer, pointing and hollering at the Tiger bench, the umpires, and the crowd. The hotheaded pitcher was quickly ejected and left the field in a tantrum. Verlander finished with a one-hitter over eight innings and won the duel. Only one pitcher has thrown consecutive no-hit games. His name is Johnny Vander Meer, who turned the trick in for the Reds. Six days later, on May 13, he was back on the mound in Motown to face the Royals.

Verlander was masterful again.

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  7. He set down the Royals in order in the first, then allowed a leadoff walk in the second, but retired the next three KC batters on fly balls. Third inning: strikeout, ground out, fly out. Fourth inning: two more ground outs and a fly out. In the fifth: fly out, strikeout, and a harmless ground out. Five innings, no hits. It gave JV 14 straight hitless innings and left him 12 outs from a second straight no-hitter.

    In the sixth frame, JV opened with a strikeout on a mile per hour fastball. He walked a batter and then got a ground out. The next batter, Melky Cabrera, ruined the fun: he laced a triple into the right-center field gap, sending a runner home. Verlander struck out the next batter and got three outs in the seventh.