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The generally poor quality of these troops was not unexpected, and it was realised that behind them lay some of the best units of the German Army ready to counter-attack.


As our men prepared to meet these counter-attacks they were continually harried by snipers, who fought with great resolution until they were killed or until their ammunition was exhausted. Later German tanks and Panzer Grenadiers in armoured lorries began their attack.

In theory paratroops, because of their lack of heavy equipment, are considered light-weights for this kind of work, but these men stood up to the Germans just the same. When the fighting was at its most critical a large force of gliders carrying reinforcements flew right into the battle zone and, circling round, landed their cargoes in spite of continued German shelling of the landing zone. These gliders turned the tide, and next morning it was an easy matter for us to drive in a captured car from the positions held by the air-borne forces to the beachhead formed by the troops from the sea.

The countryside looked empty, but it still looked like posters advertising summer holidays in Normandy. Small bodies of British troops moved along under cover of woods and hedges. Here and there were the discarded parachutes of our troops. Scattered over the ground were the black shapes of our gliders, most of which had been damaged in one way or another in their landings, with wings or tails sticking up at odd angles.

We could see where the beachhead was long before we got there by the clumps of barrage balloons flying over the ships which lay off the shore.

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Material already landed was being moved forward in ducks or lorries, or concentrated where it would be best hidden from the air. Mine-clearing operations were going on through the streets of a typical small French seaside resort, with occasional actions between our patrols and German snipers. In one corner of the village lay several German miniature tanks, all put out of action. Down on the narrow beach transport moved over wire netting, shifting the stores, and on huts and tents the usual rash of British military initials had already broken out. Up to their chests in the surf troops were wading ashore from the landing craft. Out in the middle distance were supply ships and destroyers, while the background of the picture was provided by two big battleships slowly, purposefully shelling German positions with their heavy guns. The Germans had left in such a hurry that they had not removed the mine warnings which they had put up for their own troops so that our work was made simpler by our having the minefields clearly labelled.

A beach dressing station was full of men, British and Germans, mostly lightly wounded.

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D-Day Convoy To Normandy - The Big Picture

Photograph courtesy U. Coast Guard.

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