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Recognising and honouring the Presenters of our industry, the recipient of this award will be voted for by community fitness instructors. This award will recognise the branded dance-based fitness programmes that have regenerated community fitness in the UK.

This award will recognise the branded non-dance-based fitness programmes that focus on cardio, strength, endurance, flexibility and balance without reliance on choreographed transitions as a prime motivator. Non-dance is defined as not requiring specified. Learn more about Topics here.

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You can use the WP Admin dashboard to edit your categories in bulk. If you have added a Category Page to your Menu, and you see a not found, or nothing found, page when you view it, this means there are no posts assigned to that category. We're always looking to improve our documentation. If this page didn't answer your question or left you wanting more, let us know!

Interpret and standardize the categories in OptimalSort

We love hearing your feedback. For support, please use the forums or contact support form. An Automattic Opus. Depending on the theme and widgets you have activated, categories can be used for: On your menu to organize your posts. In the available sidebars or widget areas.

To create category pages where posts assigned to that category are displayed. Click on the Writing option. Click on Categories.

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Changing the default Category. Under Document Settings on the right, expand the Category option. If your organisation has created a rewarding, engaging and supportive network where employees feel trusted and valued, this is the award for you. This category is for individuals or organisations that have changed or transformed their business in a positive manner.


These changes include the adoption of new technology, innovative workplace policies, or retraining staff to acquire new skills. This is for companies delivering a customer-centric culture through employee engagement, customer experience, and developing other internal communications strategies and tactics. Entries will be from businesses that have turned their sector on its head by harnessing new technologies, developing new business models, or utilising old technologies in innovative new ways.

Businesses that have approached their problems creatively or with new perspectives should enter this category. Types of innovation include alteration, transformation, restructuring and remodelling - alongside wholesale revolutions in products and services. To be eligible for this category, your business must have started in the last four years You must have demonstrated a high level of entrepreneurship and vision to establish yourself in your marketplace.

This category is aimed at businesses that execute their strategy more consistently and reliably than their competition, resulting in lower operational costs and increased revenues.

Why standardizing categories in open and hybrid card sorts is a good idea

We welcome entries from businesses that have delivered consistent growth and solid financial performance through great leadership, understanding the needs of their clients, and successfully engaging their employees. We welcome entries from businesses that have launched outstanding products, leading to consistent growth and solid financial performance. This category is for individuals or organisations that have changed or transformed their business in a positive manner through a specific programme.

This award is for companies delivering a customer-centric culture through the inspiring use of digital initiatives. We welcome entries in this category from businesses that have turned their sector on its head through the disruptive use of new technologies.

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This is for businesses that have approached their problems creatively, displaying innovation in the creation of a new platform, or on a particular project. This is aimed at teams or individuals who have educated or trained management teams within an organisation, leading to a transformation in business performance.

Whether through the Human Resources department, or external training initiatives, companies that have upskilled their management staff should consider applying for this award. Entering or winning this category is a great way to boost morale and celebrate outstanding teamwork.

This is a fantastic opportunity for your innovative ideas and practices to be recognised. This award is for a business leader who has galvanized the efforts of their staff, resulting in excitement and momentum within the business.